19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

About Us

Founded by Eric Kuvykin, the company specializes in the areas of payment solutions, alternative lending, sales and marketing, architecture, development and deployment of various technologies, venture capital and strategic acquisitions in related technology sectors.

Our Clients, Our Strength

Diversity in business sectors and the ongoing relationships with our clients afford FTA the opportunities for personalized introductions to business leaders in various sectors. Fintech Acquisitions will convert the disruptive power of new technologies, opportunities and partnerships into more innovative, efficient, and streamlined businesses.

Services Include:

  • Introductions to business leaders
  • Strategy and development, including deck building, offering memorandums, business plans, competitor scans, entry to market, go-to-market strategies, and cross marketing verticals.
  • Introduction to consultants and assistance with structuring; including legal, accounting, management and employment advisory and public relations.
  • Regulatory Requirements, applications, and compliance
  • Cybersecurity, security assessments and incident response
  • Transaction consulting, M&A, valuation, and due diligence

Eric Kuvykin began his financial career on Wall Street as a stockbroker trainee in 1992. Shortly after  obtaining his SEC licenses, he developed and managed a book of retail and institutional investors. In 1993, Mr. Kuvykin was promoted to investment banking at the Wellington Group, a Wall Street investment banking firm with 5 employees, with with focus on small and mid cap companies, in which he became a partner at age 23.  He expanded The Wellington Group to over 400 stock brokers and affiliates in NY and in Florida. In 1998 Mr. Kuvykin acquired Bennet Mullaney & Co. a Vermont Broker Dealer who’s primary business was executing employee stock option plans (ESOPS) which he expanded from a three person operation with one Vermont office to  a recognizable investment bank with offices in Vt, NY and Fl. with over 250 employees, consultants and affiliates. Mr. Kuvykin co founded Allstate Merchant Services in 2007 which staffed over 400 and provided payment solutions for approximetly 10,000 business, processing volumes of over 2 billion dollars. Architected pocket pay POS a handheld payment device and point of sale system in 2009 and was instrumental in co creating FinBridge, IconXchange, Jjlist.com, instamaven, while consulting Phantom Fiber Corporation, Accelerated Technologies, in which Mr. Kuvykin was interim President and CEO, and has overseen numerous developments in the payment solution, efficacies system and crypto currency evolutions. Mr. Kuvykin has overseen numerous mergers and acquisitions in public and private sectors and has been instrumental in providing guidance. Mr. Kuvykin attended Baruch College, is married, a father of 4 and immigrated to the United States with his family at age 7.

Eric Kuvykin concentrates on small to midsized business and specializes in

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A),
  • Capital structuring and restructuring,
  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Branding
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Realities and associated technologies
  • Blockchain ledgers.